Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream world with money, and if the lice in the new shirt was a renewal of the mandate. The shirt was worn out it is the religion of fear it. And lice in the earth people who are weak, the Qrsou Taanon they are weak.
It felt louse flew from the chest or his servant or Ogerh his son had fled from him. And lice of kings pawns and enemies, and Hakerih ministers, and police officers, scientists and students, and patients along the disease. But felt that he threw it comes alive Bakmlh is contrary to the Sunnah. Much torment and lice, and children the folk and folk Sfielh Okhosa Nmamon, or that it is good and the grace and blessing and salvation of the sorrows and anxieties. The Qmla saw much evidence of it a long illness and loss, poverty, and murder of Faraj distressed anguish and redemption of severity. It picked up lice from his clothes lie upon lie obscene. Lice and pinch the people throwing him weak words.

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