Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Are composed in a dream a man among the people and invite them to their religion, Salah. The person sees that the lighthouse is Anhedmt death of the man, or divide his group and the different conditions. And the Lighthouse Mosque His e-mail, or a man calling to the religion of God and the guidance.
is of the opinion that he fell from a beacon in a well it marries a scold, or go their own state.
It felt that it went up a beacon of great Khthsb and authorized to change, in the state, strength, and the elevation in hypocrisy.
It felt that based on the beacon swim God and cheering, it attributed the gain and the elevation in the world, and his praise cloud and sorrow Afaragh God with him, and the Minister of the lighthouse, lighthouse and possibly shown to Maznyha. And a beacon server OS in a dream home no matter where the view of the lack of increase or Vansabh to the server. The top of the lighthouse top of the server. Lighthouse may be a woman. [See Candlestick].

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