Seeing The Lightning In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Lightning In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Lightning In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Lightning

His vision in a dream by itself indicate the guidance after misguided, and perhaps indicates that the dazzle look, though the seer patients feared that he should die.
and may indicate a novel lightning in a dream to reveal secrets and Tensm News.
and perhaps showed his vision of the gospel coming absent, or renewal of a living, or ATD.
and possibly shown to see lightning on the variability of intensity to salvation, and salvation to the intensity.
and perhaps showed his vision to luster swords and gunpoint.
and saw the lightning, and the vision in October showed his vision to falsely, but in November showed on fertility and a lot of good, even though in December may have feared the yield of the shortage, and was in January feared for planting at the end, it was in February, perhaps indicated by the goodness in the transplant, even though in March showed the lack of yield as a whole, although was in April, for He is good happy and grants to the grain, even though in May it is poor for some fruit, but in June they mark Dew beneficial, although in July there is nothing good which is not evil, but in September it is a sign fertile and good, as well as in August . Shows to see lightning in a dream the fear of the Sultan or to hit the whips, and perhaps indicated by the dates the good of the Sultan and laughter and joy of the parish.
and saw lightning hit by its lights, it was traveling hit him ruggedness rain or the order of the Sultan, though sowing may thirst planted by the rain fall ill. Though his father or his master or his power ruler was not paying any attention to it I accept it, albeit with rain is indicated by an ugly what seems to him.
It is believed that eating a bit of lightning, the man answered him on the mainland and the good.
It felt lightning or rain with him, and had promised to it can not be bestowed. And lightning indicates the fear of the Sultan and to threaten and warnings. It was said that lightning indicates a benefit from a distant place.
saw lightning and burned his clothes, his wife died that she was sick.

Vision of lightning

Of the opinion that its price fell stun the people of that place exaggerated punishment from God for the verse, “and sends the thunderbolt from heaven, making it (but) slippery” to them that they should repent to God.

It felt: lightning came down from heaven or from the air like rain and it is the scourge of sedition and bloodshed of war lies between the point of the Kings.

It felt: lightning crashed and burned, it destroys the death of a king or a sick or cause to perish a great scourge.

Some of them said that stun the promise of the king and the intimidation of the verse, “turned away, then say the lightning like lightning Ondhirtkm Aad and Thamud.”

It felt: that lightning occurred in the country and burned their land, that authority come down in that place and in which there is corruption or war or the cost of severe disease or permeated the people of that place, and that occurred without the fire is king kissed think people worse and survive clothes.

It felt: that lightning occurred in the home, the patient had died, and the patient did not have it a thief or the owner of the city it burgles Dream Interpretation in Islam

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