Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream in the stability of the debt.
and perhaps Del sitting on the family or for travel or illness. Indicates the limitation on the charity of those who bound him in a dream. And restriction of silver is in the stability of marriage. Though brass is hated in stability, although it was in the lead Vthbat is a weakness, and weakness. Though the stability of the rope is in religion.Though the stability of the wood is in hypocrisy. And restriction of goods dealer dogma, and solicitous Time energetic, and patient length of his illness.
and saw that it was restricted in the way of Allah it is Mojtahd in his family.
and saw that it was restricted in the town is Mistotnha. But saw that it was restricted in the house of a woman afflicted with it. If the restriction is narrowly narrows it. And restriction of the time delighted delight. But felt restricted that increased constraint another, he is sick, it dies, though he was in prison a long imprisonment.
and saw that it was restricted wearing a dressed green Vmqamh in the matter of religion and to gain the reward, although the white Vmqamh in command of science and jurisprudence and the splendor and beauty, though they are red Vmqamh in is fun, multiplication, although the Yellow Vmqamh in the disease.
It felt that it restricted the enrollment of gold, it waits money has gone.
and saw that it was coupled with another man in is indicated by the acquisition of sin great fear him avenge the Sultan of the verse {and see criminals that Day fettered in chains} , and enrollment in their asset and poverty. [See Fil or see the cable.

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