Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



In a dream is a scourge, it is felt that plagued ÚÇÔÞ. The lover is Almstaq to righteousness or immorality. The strife of love in the heart of the owner, saw the affliction in his heart is love. If he saw a man said to him I love it hates. And they love and sorrow, it is felt that ÚÇÔÞ got two lovers and sorrow and that Manmomon Mahzunon. And love in a test of vigilance and kindness of the people had known it, and shows love of poverty and death of the patient.
and possibly death in a dream indicates the adoration. Ironing and fire in a dream and love. And enter heaven in a dream Balmahbub link, and the entry of fire band, and passion and love and lack of negligence in religion. [See Love].

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