Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Money is in a dream with the disease.


Of the opinion that he kills himself repents sincerely.
It felt that he killed a man who commits a sin it is great, and the slain affects good.Oppression and slaughter. But felt that it kills a person escapes from the cloud says{and killed Venginak breath of grief} . And if the person that killed his master, it Iatgah.
It felt that he was killed, did not generate it from killing a person neglects the law, the custom of killing it, and he gains Bteke conquers writer. It kills a person unjustly, it deliberately disobedient. It is acknowledged killing it receives the same state, says{says the Lord, I killed one of them that kill the soul Vokhav} . And it was said that he saw the killing of the denial prayer or leave it.
It felt that he was killed and his son got a baby.
It felt that he was killed for the sake of God is evidence of trade, profit and promise of achievement. [See slaughter].

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