Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


He sang in a dream Izz, and indicates the minimum turnout and the joys and delights.The confusion in a dream of touching something to eat Del usury. It was said that insanity indicates the entry into paradise, money, madness infects the owner, but it works to spend. It was is the livery of the inheritance. And the madness of his father, the boy sang. Fertile women and the madness of the year. Madness and shows love or painful beatings or good works.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of madness

Of saw that it was crazy money, it is haram for a Lord of the verse, “Those who devour usury will not stand” the verse. And possibly shown to the vision of madness rich, and sang some of the meaning of a poem:

Jane by age Voorthh sang … Oh Woe by the age of Jane

It felt: that of madness and epilepsy was absent from his mind does not know himself, it would be enchanted by Mkroba or loot or money or get his calamity and said cladding of inheritance, and perhaps for that was the Sultan of his family.

And the vision of the boy’s money crazy and sang to his father and the madness of women’s fertile year .

It felt: mad withdrawn, afraid it did not get to it is harmful to the enemy seer in safety from him.

In all, the vision of the insane devolves on five aspects: King Gshawm and animal labile and human being corrupt in religion and men known literature without and the enemy and liabilities, it is felt that there had been of crazy what he hates like him in real life and got it harmful to it for damage from one of the five mentioned, although not up to it Fidel poor safety and security.

The mad woman Vtúl this world, it is seen to come upon it years fertilized and said minimum befalls him, If he is afraid of it was what it gets from the money they the gave him anything, it is better for him increased, and that he saw her housekeeper which followed did not inflict it is willing to collect the minimum which is deprived of the of the right of them got what Aamlh Btst it is subject to the dispute of them said Mahmoud, was blameworthy .

It felt: a crazy pull it Zahid escape them in this world when they come to it.

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