Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Of an old man saw in a dream, that Mjusya enemy does not want to loss of his opponent.
It is considered that it may Magian renounce Islam behind his back Batian sins. But felt that his hand turned into the hands of Chosroes on his hand, it is what happened at the hands of these giants, then die on disbelief, but he wishes that God has something better, and if he sees that his hand was returned as he repents. The magician saw that he converted Jew or convert to Christianity, it is shifting from one condition to be better than it is.
It felt that it requests the Magian world.
It felt that worshiped the fire service it requests the Sultan, and the fire authority. The fire was dead, it required money is haraam.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the Magi

The Magi, it is felt it Mjusya construed inspected and tightened things because the Magi Aakdunha things and stress, may provide that the term.

Vision of the road sector and the people of crimes

The bandit it with an evil man angry with people, it is considered that the bandit took the money and plunder his goods and he continues to be appointed by the man who hated him and get great benefits from it as much as taken from him.

It felt: that the bandits had met, but they could they take something from him, it indicates the severity of the disease to him so that he oversees the consequence of death and ordered him back to health and survival.

It felt: that the bandit had stolen something from him, it indicates that the bandit is lying in saying and exclusion.

It felt: that the luggage had been taken categorically it shows a disaster for him or for some political parties.

It felt: he cut off the road and take a luggage it shows that the luggage ruin live bandit and Ikhasamh and opposed him in command of it gets damage.

It felt: to take comfort that he saw or cut the way it gets sick very sick and healed.

It felt: they group it appeared Bagon it supports the enemies of the verse, “and then prostitute Anasrnh him to God.”

It felt: that he became a despot, it boycotted the fingernail construed by the enemy and obtain a disaster for the verse, “but Bgyekm on yourselves.” It was the view of a thief entered his house and wounded from his luggage, or it dies a man went there.

It felt: a thief entered did not carry anything when it gets sick man, verging on death, then he recovers.

It felt: the thieves cut off by road and went to him with money or goods as much or as little, it gets in the human being is difficult by as much as he went by the thieves, but did not go to him one thing and win is the thieves, it construed weak human being with Him. Survive, even if he gains their Vahrav that guest to death.

It felt: none of the thieves authorized a lighthouse, it is known, and he knows the same.

The vision of the people of crimes, they shall devolve on the ways:

Either do everything on the unit shall submit an expression said everything fits with his class and his door in various meanings.

It felt: one of the people of crimes in order Manmol it is due to Allah, and he saw that Dd Vtobeirh against him, and perhaps also of the view if the offender is known.

It felt: that he committed a crime a crime it is a great construed to four aspects: the commission is forbidden and is well known for his duel and his behavior and not the straight path and said to the vision of hate crime in the waking and dream of the O Aasmna Blotfk and generosity.

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