Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream if a man is known, is that a particular man, or toxic or his people.
and saw a man known in his dreams he hoped something from him or from his or toxic or likeness, taken from him, the essence of what is recommended for what it receives from hoped for, the new T-shirt taken from him and the men of the state, it takes him a covenant of the state, the strand taken from him under it because the Arabs called the Covenant strand. The vision of the sons of Adam in a dream show of dignity. And see all the range of her interpretation, vision of the Kings victory, and the vision of the rulers trial, and the vision of the governors fears, and see the soldiers travel, and see the craftsmen a function of the crafts and the provision, and the vision of women’s affliction, and Rabh righteous worship.
and may indicate vision of the sons of Adam on the others than Allah Almighty , he says {There is no beast on earth nor a bird that flies its wings, but like you! , vision of the common good of the children of Adam, perhaps indicated by the good of animals or birds, as is indicated by an animal safe or bird beneficial to human, which is dominated by the good, and because I’m Creation of Adam, which is similar to bird and beast and others.
and may indicate vision of the sons of Adam on the harvested crops, he says {And Allah has produced you from the earth} . And indicates vision of the sons of Adam suspicions to the difference in gain or win them over is strange construction or workmanship Maliha.


Is the strength of a man in a dream, and two men-strong in good times and bad. And if he sees that his legs to the sky and Assadta Aptadta him, the father dies. They saw the Ahoudrta it is located in his betrayal. But felt that he commits adultery with his foot he walks behind the women. But felt that walking barefoot, it bestowed fatigue and monument is of the opinion that he eats a man Finale closer and as a means to God, and succeed his affairs, and spent all his needs in his religious and worldly affairs.
It felt that his legs burning, it turned around what is owned and changed.
It felt that his legs many it does good and benefit of the traveler, and those likely to preside, and the crew travel with the benefit of many, and the poor and the existence of things is shaken out of good works, and for the rich, sickness and disease, and patient eye the demise of his sight, and evil people imprisoned and grief and blame.
and saw one of his legs Sarta stone, they dry up or used by .
and saw that it was owned by two men stepped it affects the two men as he walked dinars a picture of the king.
It felt that his leg cut off half his money went. The two parents. The Astute abounded leg or toes and won attributed Btha and strength.
It is believed that the two men cut off his money went, and perhaps this indicates that at his death.
It is believed that the broken leg let him not approach the Sultan for days, and let him call his own, and ask Allah for good health. And it was said that it was sick of his death.
It felt that one of his legs is longer than the other, it travels, and receive help. If he is rich because the rich get sick, it needs someone to walk in his affairs. And a King shows his men, and if he sees the king that he cut a man who possesses another it takes the slaves of his men.
is of the opinion that it has four legs, it was poor, it travels and receive help, though he is rich, it gets sick, and demonstrates the longevity and magnify, and demonstrates to the patient On the death, and saw that it was walking on one leg to go on the DL half his money, or half his age.
and saw that it was walking on three legs, it does not die until the walking stick either to old age, and longevity, and either down by the bug. The judge and the governor if he considers that his legs are many walks, it cuts off and walking only agents.
It is believed that the legs of iron indicates that the length of the old, good money in his living and his wealth, and saw them from the glass is indicated by a few years old, and the weakness of his ability. Saw them and that it went from trying them in the money went to him a fine. If a silver saw them in the request sought by the women.And that of copper saw them sought them in the bankruptcy. But saw them from the lead is indicated by numbness or paralysis down only to have him in a vision, indicating the good he seeks them in the pleasure of God, or their standing in the way of Allah Almighty. The meat saw his legs had gone on the DL righteousness. Toes and show acts of kindness.
It felt that his legs have sought in Todjata disadvantages, and I got him the death.And it was said of his leg suffered transformation from one condition to another.

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