Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Shows in a dream the glory and raise much, money, husbands, Hassan, and the Mamelukes and slaves.
and saw in a dream of something that sacked after a paragraph, and married or apply, or bought the Mamluks, shops, useful, and probably received the note and poetry, and the kids good, if he is awake eligible for the , and probably received the solemn position. As for what is made ​​from marble Kalahoad and Alvesaqa and predatory animals that come down water from their mouths and rules, mayors and thresholds, that the whole is his property or has become his or dispose of it, which is evidence of the demise of worry and grief, and a guide to the joys and delights, and Aharifat of women and children Hassan and housing high-and livelihoods. The marble tombs indicative of the Hereafter, and praise good times and beautiful Alambrorh. The marble in some of the component part, they function to write Maliha high dowry and marriage.The Zeer of marble or alabaster it shows beautiful women and women with post Galilee

Interpretation of Al zahri

Marble: (Beauty; Eulogy; Hardness; Wealth) In a dream, marble represents prosperity, a beautiful wife, respectable people, class, servants, or properties. If a poor person sees the floor of his house covered with marble in a dream, it means prosperity, marriage, purchasing a business, acquiring knowledge, learning a poem, bearing righteous children, or if he qualifies, it could mean that he will receive a high ranking appointment, or that he may actually work with marble, or in sculpturing marble or in manufacturing fountains from marble, or work in masonry, or as a stone cutter, or he may change his attitude toward things, signaling the end of depression and the start of a joyful time in his life, living in high rises, or spending money for leisure and vacations. If one sees gravestones made of marble, or if one sees marble pillars in a dream, it means a good reward for one’s deeds, or it could mean eulogy, or lauding. An architecturally sound edifice made from marble in a dream represents good writing, skillfulness, dowry or a generous prenuptial agreement. If the marble is used excessively in the dream, it means suspicion and doubt about one’s resources or source of income. The marble bases of a pillar in a dream represents social benefits. As for marble tiles in a dream, they represent beautiful and noble women, or dignitaries. As for marble jars, tiles, or basins in a dream, they represent the positive and negative effects one overlooks during the course of this life. (Also see Column; Marble cutter)

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