Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Shows in a vision on the mosque as evidenced by the mosque on the market. The war shows that the people who win and lose people. He called God Jihad trade in the verse {Shall I show you a commerce that will save you from painful punishment} .
It felt himself in a market unknown had missed the deal, and was awake in the Jihad of tattoos and the certificate, but he is over foul play, though at the Ag death or spoiled him, but he was a student of science disrupt him or his request to God Almighty, though not in any way he misses Friday prayers in the mosque.
It felt the market full of people, or saw a fire in it, or had hay stuffed in its aspects came to his family profit and hypocrisy. The people saw the market in drowsiness, or saw the shops are closed, or saw it was a spider weave a recession. Some of them said the market is lower, and he saw and won the world wide wide. It was said that the market shows the turmoil and unrest due to meet the public. But the one who lives in the market is a good sign for him. If the market is indicated by passive unemployment.And markets function in a dream on the benefits and livelihood and new clothes.
and may indicate the market lies, immorality and worry and bile. Indicates the market place every collector such as mosques, churches, and the sea, which combines types of fish which eat each other. Indicates the market for the people of the abstraction to fall into the forbidden or the tendency to this world, and perhaps a sign of humility.Though the market is saying, raising his voice so, indicates that it enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. The interpretation of each market As, book market, the vision in a dream, a function of guidance and repentance. Pharmacists and the market recovered from the disease for anyone who is sick. The fragrance market is good news and the spouses and children. The market Ahalouae evidence of faith and Islam. The market Albozor submitted and the renewal of the position of husbands and livelihoods and the cover of things. And D to market jewelery, adornment and wedding couples. And market gems like something rings male and science lessons. Market money changers and D on systems science and prose, and the riches after poverty, and also shows the House provision. The market Alnhacen shows pleasure and Aloncad and disrupt the head and marriage for single and joys and delights. The arms market indicates that war and victory over enemies. And the slave market of pride, prestige, or acquainted with the strange news, and perhaps indicated by the market animals. And market wool and lint shows the benefits and livelihoods. The cotton market shows growth and livelihoods, and the emergence of truth from falsehood. The market Alabazer descendants of profits and interest of the implant. And vegetable market shows too little, too miserable existence. Livelihood of the fish market and the benefits of sequential and meeting with family and relatives. The meat market shows the location of the war to shed the blood. And market oil, ghee and honey indicates the desires and promote the healing of diseases. Butchers and market concerns and Oncad. Travel market and saddles in righteousness. Fruit market and good works, and science and boys. And maintenance of the real estate market and save money secrets. The wheat market prosperity and security of fear. The wood market hypocrisy and discrimination and the meeting. And steel market and the evil of moodiness and discounts and good intensity and, perhaps indicated by a living and good. The Silk Market Ezz, money and good work. The repentance of the wax market Assi, a guidance to stray. Pumice and market books and perhaps indicated by the market animals or slaves, or slaves. Tents and market books and perhaps market is indicated by the coffins of the dead. And market concerns and Alhjamin Oncad and diseases, and perhaps market is indicated by the witnesses. Market and lead to diseases indicates Balhsr. Market funds and demonstrates the conservation and understanding and awareness. Market and cooking shows on the healing of diseases and fulfill needs. Market and bottles shows hypocrisy, hypocrisy and gossip. Paper market and evidence of the victory of the oppressed and the oppressor revenge.

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