Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream indicates the position of Galilee. Fuck all saw him in a dream until the semen must be vigilant in washing is false not because it is the interpretation of his wet dream. And fuck it oppress his enemy. And fuck his female kin he set foot in the land of the sanctuary.
It felt that he fuck his mother in the grave, it dies. If you see an enemy of the infidels marry a Muslim is evidence of the raid. Marriage and demonstrates the elimination of religion and relief of concerns. And fuck naked woman escaped from them.
It felt that marry a harlot hit the minimum forbidden.
It felt that marry the women of Paradise, it affects the matters of religion.
and saw that it was looking at a naked woman without learning that it is in error. [See passwords, see sexual intercourse, and see Almaaklh].

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