Meat by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Meat

Steaks if he saw her in a dream it is human evil for evil or segments of Regulations.
and perhaps indicated by the happiness and future livelihood and the rise of lust, and purports to show what human conceal it. Ticked meat shows what followed tapping and beatings.
and perhaps Del the bachelor to the wife, and the holder of the boy.
and perhaps indicated by the mixing of money with partners and the emergence of interest among them.
if the meat in a dream cooked it is money, and the raw meat is indubitably or hungry and diseases, and purchased from butcher Thebes. The soft flesh is death.
It felt that eat the flesh of man, it Igtabh. The woman ate the meat itself, they commit adultery. And lean beef demonstrates the disease. And the flesh of the living capital of the enemy. And the flesh of the seven capital of the Sultan. And meat from prey of birds and pork is haraam wealth. Agtiap and dried meat of the dead. Camel meat and money from a huge enemy is strong. And it was said of eating camel meat obtained from the king the benefit and money. And beef shows the fatigue and the lack of work.
It felt at home lamb Mslokha Musharha it connects those who do not know. But felt at home Skinned lamb dissector it is surprised by calamity, though slaughtered fat it inherits the money.
It is believed that eating the meat raw is better, though he saw it did not eat badly.And that eating cooked meat has increased his wealth. The fruit when Sheikh stature.And grilled beef safe from fear, and said that it is fertile and livelihood. And chicken meat indicates that the benefit of women.
and perhaps Del meat to dream for people with anger, and demonstrates the healing of diseases, the disappearance of worries and Aloncad. Meat and complex that it is haraam haraam wealth. And the flesh of birds benefit from traveling, and perhaps Del eat meat on a bird paradise, says {and fruit, which they choose, and the flesh of fowls that they desire} . And the flesh of the beast Rizk old, and perhaps the danger and hardship. Meat and fish, Hene urgent livelihood old, and perhaps indicated by the interest from the sea or the Sultan. And the flesh of the human nail the enemy. The unknown and see the flesh and blood, evidence of sedition and prevail, but eat the flesh of fowls that they are not permitted to eat, it eats money people Makarin wrong-doers. And the flesh of geese demonstrates the benefit of the owners of religion, and meat bird chicks money in the fatigue and discomfort. And the flesh of a man earned and well-being, and he falls sick, or his property, religion and piety. And meat byproducts of the unknown indicates that perish. The dermal bought the meat bought the goods unsold. And eat the flesh of the same over-eating and kept the interest of capital and that is excessive over-eating in the capital, or remorse to do do. Cooked meat is essential in a dream to the poor, and cooked meat without destitution. The cook his own food, won a good position, or dismissed after a paragraph. If cooking.Maybe his cunning by the other.
meat with vinegar [see Alskabbaj].

See meat

As for meat, his final abode learned it saw an increase in his flesh abounded Glath and benefits and that saw a decrease in or thinner is a decrease in the wealth and weakness in the ability Dream Interpretation in Islam

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