Mediate vision


Interpretation of Al zahri


Mediate vision

Of the opinion that one or the center of the middle one is at the crossings as murder and his rule.

It felt: that no one interpreted it Mosth on five aspects:

But if it is between him and a dispute is made.

But if Bagh his enemy therefore he gains Bteke.

But if he was waiting for something good or evil it shows as completed.

But if Amoost threw the sea and walked in the water to carry it indicates a command to the king and it separates the matter behind me so that it gets the victory and win, especially if between him and a quarrel or enmity.

But if Amoost suspended or thrown on the com and others, and known by the king of that place is known to do when people, was blameworthy Amoost Biography, people give thanks to the King of the act, though, people of good Ivmon King of the act. It was a vision Amoost commented if known to him, was good people Vchehrh good, though the people of evil that Vdd.

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