Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Salah is in a dream in religion. It is to take medicine to fit his body, it fit his religion. It is taking medicine in a dream was a sign on the flag and advice, and making use of science, but did not eat for a sharp right, and stood with his evil. Eating in a dream drug for the savory scent is indicated for the celibate marriage, and children of the barren, and the rich to the poor.
and perhaps Del Aldoah drug on which he writes of them, as is indicated Aldoah on medication. Valmlaouk consolidation and the adoption of testimony or the benefit of one side of the Del finger on it. Ambassov and greed and shrinking the world, and drink livelihood. Alamblua and coercion of the Asi to repent, and guidance on the infidel, and ignorant of science. As for what is borne by women for menstrual and other bachelorette girl it’s a husband, and was born sterile. And endurance Bafattaúl spy on the news and see the secrets.
It felt that he drank a drug facilitator to heal him of his illness, he works his religion as much as Tndja wellness in it, the amount of strength and danger, and the state in watering him as much work in it, the did not work, the Salah religion go away, nor it is so.
and saw that it was required in the health consequences of drink is fit worldly affairs.
It felt that it heals, it works the same religion. Each drink yellow color vision in it is a sign of the disease. Each drug or food, drink easy it is evidence of healing the patient, and true to avoid what will harm him. The unpleasant taste of medication is followed by healing of disease is going. And it was said that the drinks taste good, easy to drink and food are valid for the rich and the poor are poor. And not the interpretation of what comes out of medicine human Ktaoal what comes out without the drug.

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