Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of a dream that he saw in the shop, and around the goods, and therefore uniform dealers, is traded and ordered it and finished his presidency in his business. If this is not one of the great seer traders, it will be safe from poverty. And see the traders in a dream indicates profit, interest and high positions, travel and see the weird news.
and perhaps shown their vision to compromising what imposed by Allah on them as Hajj and Jihad, fasting and prayer on Friday, the woman becomes in a dream merchant, or that women Srn Tajrat, the Be in the market shown by the arms on the movement of the enemy and he seized the land of Islam, though they are in the market for jewelery or clothing that is indicated on the benefits and profits.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Merchant: Ifone sees himself as a store owner, sitting in his shop, surrounded with his merchandise, giving orders, buying and selling in a dream, it means a commanding post in his own field. If the person is not a businessman, but still sees himself in a dream carrying some trade tools such as a scale, a scoop, etcetera, it means financial balance in his life. Merchants in a dream also


represent travel, news, profits or a high position. A merchant in a dream also may represent a spendthrift, or negligence of several religious obligations set by God Almighty. A woman merchant in a dream represents an enemy. (Also see Grain merchant}

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the merchant

Construed and the merchant’s risk of a great man of the people, and perhaps the merchant’s concerns and innovations for the people that sell luggage with gold.

It felt: a merchant barters Besnf other items it does good and benefit, and perhaps indicates the merchant and sell it to get something for the old verse, “Allah has permitted trading and forbidden usury.” The merchant was a man who interpreted his position, it was the costume merchants and saw his hand, which fits it for the presidency and the good and benefit, and may be safe poverty.

It felt: that he sells to people than it is covering it leads them to be correct unless the price takes the most appropriate is to take dirhams with dinars dinars and it offers cloud. It was a vision of traders or merchants be construed Accessories obtaining minimum.

It is it considers that: that he left workmanship and learn the workmanship other, the was the best of them or one similar. It construed with good and-beneficial in earned him the, albeit Otherwise, Vddh and God knows best.

Hariri’s vision Kazaz

Kazaz and Hariri construed Ksub man who they are distressed.

Dream weaver

Man and weaver construed messenger and traveler wanders in the world.

It felt: Haúka weaves woven it shows rivalry with others.

Vision Hallaj

Hallaj and construed very strong man who facilitate things people on his hands and his bow shows the hypocrisy and women arc shows courage.

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