Mice to see

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Mice to see

The vision of the mice, it is felt that hit the mouse, it affects the woman is no good which is of the opinion that he was killed mouse, it gains control a woman ill, and saw that it was baited mouse it is plotted with a woman and Adhadjaha is of the opinion that the mice are many white and black in the position of simple do not do something it longevity and fit condition It is believed that the mouse came out of the Ontheih or mentioned it infects daughter is no good and that which came out of the anus, they come out of him a woman is no good where it is seen in his home Germana it is confined to women is no good in them is of the opinion that in his bed, his clothes, or mouse, it overlaps a woman is no good the mouse and hit the lashes, it affects the money a vow of a woman of ill

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