Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a dream in the head or imam. It is believed that praying in the mihrab, it is gospel.The woman saw that I was born a son. Niches and the poor man if he saw indicated Tahajjud and devotion and love for autocratic people. Niches and perverted function of the aberration, and slippage in speech and action, and perhaps indicates a niche for a living and good wife, says {Whenever Zachariah entered her niche then found sustenance} . Mihrab of the mosque, although it is skewed to the qibla, or if they smell bad or when carrion is indicated by his bid’ah or kufr seer or hypocrisy.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Mihrab: (arb. Alcove; Niche; Prayer niche) In a dream, a prayer niche or a mihrab represents a leader, a guide, or the Imam of a mosque. Praying at the mihriib in a dream means glad tidings. If a woman sees herself praying at the mihrab of a mosque in a dream, it means that she will beget a son or a daughter. In a dream, the alcoves or shelters that poor people use for their retreats in a mosque represent sincerity, love, devotion, remembrance of God Almighty, standing in night prayers, and aloofness. Building a mihriib inside one’s house in a dream means bearing male children. Otherwise, it means that such a property will be donated by its owner for religious use. Seeing an incorrectly positioned prayer niche in a mosque in a dream means deviation for God’s path and erring in one’s words and actions. In a dream, a mihriib also represents lawful sustenance or a pious wife. If one sees the prayer niche of a mosque misdirected, or if it emits a vile odor, or if one sees the corpse of a dead animal lying inside it in a dream, it indicates that the one who is seeing the dream is an unbeliever, an innovator and a hypocrite.

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