Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is the encroachment of Islam in a dream, an old money. The curd is haraam wealth to rich acidity and exit.
It is believed that the yield of breast milk that this world is generating it. Human milk and confinement and shortness of nursing and Alrada, and if the nurse that he bought the nurse of his son and he keeps his son on his creation. It was said that sucked milk from a woman received the money and profit.
It felt that he drank mare’s milk I like the Sultan, and received his reward you. It happened to drink milk Rmkh king. Dairy cattle and money from the Sultan and a living. And milk cunning and Aleppo dependent camel, milking the milk came out blood it infringe on his authority, and milking it Sama earn money forbidden. And milk Alqahh encroachment of religion, it is drink it fixed it on instinct, pray and fast and this is reinforced and given in charity, a mustache for the money and the wisdom of old.And it was said of Aleppo saw that it was nothing and drinking the milk of a woman marries, it is valid, although it generates married his boy.
Aleppo and saw that it was a cow and drink the milk and the slave, it is aged, and sacked if he is poor. And sheep and goat’s milk money levied from the Arabs and Alagamm.
It felt that drinking milk sheep received good and the comfort and pleasure. The lioness’s milk money for his mustache and win Bteke. Milk and Eagle pride, victory over an enemy strong cream. The tiger’s milk for those who show enmity drink. Fined and wolf milk and great fear, and living in harm to those who drink it, and was told Is money and power, and saw that it was drinking it won the presidency. Pork and milk mustache and change the mind is gone. The bitch’s milk mustache for the great fear, and money bestowed by the unjust, and was told drink of ability and won the presidency on the people of his country. It was milk monsters all doubt in religion.And milk zebra disease after cure. Hind milk and few livelihood. And milk and Alnoahish Alloaza Salah between him and his enemies. Disease and milk fox walking, and after healing of livelihood walking. Donkey milk and civil proceeding, as well as disease Pussy milk.
is of the opinion that the milk comes out of the earth is the emergence of Gore and affliction, in which shed blood. And sheep’s milk money Sharif cow’s milk and sang, and milk mule indigestion and Hall. Pork and milk money is a great injury. The milk rights of the patient if the drinking cure of the disease. And milk of dogs and cats illness or fear. And milk indicates that money and increasing age, pregnancy and the emergence of Secrets, Scientific and standardization, and demonstrates the medicine for the ills, and the living. And cow’s milk, sheep, camels and buffaloes all that money total. Curd and they are, and milk the beast and bird, if he found little money, especially milk and milk rabbit Persians. Milk and cats, foxes debauchery. And human milk and the deposit should not be issued to the Lord is. The milk of the unknown monster of pride, activity of the patient, and the salvation of the prison, or money rapist.

. milk

Is in a dream gets his money. And it shows based on the good work and religion. And explain the building block to a server, it is believed that he threw a brick from a high place and fragmented died, his servant. And milk in construction around the building and their children who are intense.
and saw that it was made ​​for us in the place of his men has increased, and built a house of Laban won the presidency and the state.
It felt to us that he made ​​him feared death

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Vision of milk

It felt that drink to us from cattle or sheep or camels pure, it affects the money and they had lawful and the encroachment of religion is of the opinion that he drank with milk tainted water it money is hated in religion, although tinged with the blood of it is haraam wealth fall ill from the labor authority is of the opinion that he milks for us, it generates living and enriched his house and saw that it was drunk to Us sour it Rizk haraam wealth may have been worried sad and felt that drinking butter milk and leaves open pure it gets sick, ate the sacred and perhaps his heresy is of the opinion that he eats Raúba may get out succulent it is certainly in religion about it and told Money fall ill, is of the opinion that he drank to us from the dairy, the milk of camels, cattle money by the Sultan and the encroachment of religion and milk Alrmkh a valid name in people and milk donkey that was a civil disease of walking though the brutality of Vensk in religion and milk bitch great fear and milk lioness injury was not please and milk Hyena betray a woman who saw him betray and milk lupus fear or cunning of a woman’s milk and alopecia cure of the disease and are Azhab Tigress milk and show enmity and milk and confinement women receive Alrada narrow and breastfeeding women

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