Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Are in a dream woman, and women in a dream world. It felt as if he left this world he called his wife.
It felt that the whole world perished, leaving one else in this world, it is blind.
It felt the world had Astute him, and asked whatever happened to him and to destroy it lacks. And see the world in a dream indicates Alyallaho play, vanity and intrigue, and breaking the Covenant and fatigue, misery and broken promises, and perhaps indicates the minimum Alzojhoualemal and child, and the plowing, and cattle, and usefulness. And show the world the house ruin and women Aldnip. And indicate the disease, dengue and humiliation, isolation, and the inauguration of majority and the victory and two-faced. The show to the world on the Koran because the Koran Badr world.

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