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Are in a dream, imagination and ego, and it was said a woman.
It felt that he had looked in a mirror, he saw his beard black is on the other it is honored when people and improves merit in them in order this world without religion, and look in the mirror he marries, paint had a woman is absent provided it, The sultan was deposed. And it was said that women rank a man and chivalry. Those who look in the mirror of silver goes merit. The broken woman, his wife die. The look in the mirror Ciloh Vtngela his concerns. The mirror rusted bad case of men, though in the mirror it in fraud are great.
and saw that it was seen in the mirror, God is satisfied with him, a God in Assi and Sarah Alanath. Gold mirror and force in religion and poverty after dispensing, and after the inauguration of splendor. If a patient look in a mirror indicates that upon his death. And the mirror function on travel and the pregnancy rate in the mirror perspective, the perspective was a woman in the mirror may have come the female, though a man may have come perspective Bold said. Saw the man in the mirror shape is hit in the form of his money or his mind, and found himself a woman and married a daughter of income or bought in progress. The consideration prisoner to his face in the mirror to get rid of his imprisonment.
It felt that it became a mirror Finale merit in what he dislikes in people.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Mirror: A mirror in a dream means illusion, arrogance, pride, or a woman. If one looks into a mirror and sees his beard black in a dream, it means honor, respect and dignity. If one looks into a mirror and sees the reflections of someone who looks like him in a dream, it means that he will beget a son who will look like his father and carry his trade. Looking into a mirror in a dream also means loss of one’s position, or getting married. If one is already married, then it means the return of his wife from ajourney. Looking at the back of a mirror in a dream means loss of one’s crop, or entering one’s wife from the anus during sexual intercourse. It is said that a mirror in a dream also represents manhood, virtues and station, all of which are subject to the size of the mirror one sees in his dream. Looking into a silver mirror in a dream means loss of one’s status, it also means suffering from adversities, distress and fear. Looking into a golden mirror in a dream represents the strength of one’s faith, religious commitment, prosperity after poverty, redemption and regaining one’s position and status. A broken mirror in a dream means the death of one’s wife, for a husband and a wife are mirrors to one another. Looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of a youth means facing an adversary or a competitor. If one sees an old person, then he has seen a good friend. Looking into a clean and a shiny mirror in a dream means dispelling one’s distress. A corroded mirror in a dream connotes a bad state or a trying situation. If the mirror is spurious, or not genuine in one’s dream, then it represents a great distress or a calamity. Gazing at a mirror and looking at oneself extensively in a dream means that God Almighty is not pleased with him and that he is disobeying God’s commands both in public and in private. Consequently, one will suffer from financial losses or feel down. If a sick person looks into a mirror in his dream, it means his death. A mirror in a dream also means travels or a pregnancy. If a woman looks into a mirror in a dream, it means that she will beget a girl, and if a man looks into a mirror in a dream, it means that he will beget a boy. Looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of someone else in a dream means hallucination, craziness, or loss of money. If a man looks into a mirror and sees the reflection of a woman in a dream, it means either begetting a daughter, or getting married. If a prisoner looks into a mirror in his dream, it means that he will be released from jail. If one becomes a mirror in a dream, it means that he will meet with people’s wrath and despise. (Also see Basin)

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Vision mirror

It felt that it hit the mirror has not seen his face where he obtained what he hates in the merit in people, the consideration is not better it, and was of a Sultan is not soon to see a place like only to be the mirror of a new or zero or so it infects a boy a boy, but not waiting for a son was sultan or a factor, it cuts off and see his place else If not, it dies with his wife and was told the saw in his hand mirror considered it goes his main concern and that considers a woman they look in a mirror is not silver, was pregnant and gave birth under way like her and saw that it was seen in a mirror Indian dies, it has a male child was the one who has a pregnant woman in her womb is Dead

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision mirror

The mirror indicative of wealth and the state as much as bones and serenity.

It felt: that he gave it to one it indicates that the deposit money.

It felt: he looks in the mirror, one of the iron that his wife was pregnant, it comes like a son of his father.

If she saw a woman look in the mirror when she was pregnant, they give birth to a daughter similar thereto, and were not pregnant, the husband is sterile Ikhasamha and beat her.

The boy saw that look in the mirror he gets his sister.

The king saw that look in the mirror world, or it shows isolated, and said to mirror the charity of the man and his rank on the large amount of the mirror and dissipate.

It felt: his face where they Mruth improvement.

But felt his beard in black with the face of Hassan, this is in real life it kindly on people and improve them merit in this world, and that he saw a white, it lacks and is widely merit and strengthens his religion, the saw in his face, hair white, a Antfh went relevance and religion, and said to the mirror woman Anksarha and death.

The saw in the mirror Faraj Faraj woman came to him.

But felt like a charming mirror it in the vagina is required of it, even if it is estimated that the large number of Ajloha Sdiha it does not find relief.

It felt: like the look in the mirror was not Mtahla married, although the woman has made him absent.

It felt: like a look in the mirror from behind, his wife committed the sin of isolates or if a position goes or if a farmer planted. It was of the opinion that it looks in the mirror of iron or zero, or the like, and was married it come to him as born boy, but did not wait for a son he dies his wife and is succeeded by others, although the charms or after his term for the marriage he marry a woman and being face to face. It was of the opinion that it looks in the mirror, it goes his main concern, and perhaps it is buckled and hidden it does not know what face it. It was said of his mirror saw net gains control it and its need Acefo his time.

And if the adolescent boy is seen in a mirror of it, though his mother was pregnant with his brother comes, it looks like him.

It felt: he looks in the mirror of an Indian dies, it has a male child, though his wife, carrying in her womb the one who is dead, and were not pregnant and has children Vosgarham die.

In all, the vision of the mirror shall devolve on the seven aspects: a woman and a boy and Jah and the rule of force and a friend and partner and is visible.

It felt: one unknown gave him a mirror and saw where it interpreted the accession on the one hand the arrival of Faraj absent.

Vision of the arm

The human arm with his hand if he saw it Bashruah construed in order.

It felt: it is grown it is a thing of the folded construed obtaining livelihood by that old, though it measured the arm construed obtaining his money where suspicion.

Saw the vision of

As Fidel saw a man who takes and gives and forgives.

It felt: he cut a piece of tree chainsaw construed it to leave him a man of that tree are attributed to him and harm him.

It felt: that his hand hacksaw or gave him it for was born if he has children, although not Faúl obtaining beasts of the genus money, though not his beasts, it interpreted the accession for what they have, reportedly saw a son or a sister or brother or partner.

It felt: that it is cut with a saw something he gains his need.

Vision and pieces of wood shows the nail enemies.

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