Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a free woman in a dream. The woman saw that her red polished izaar it accuses suspicion, it came out of her home wearing a waist-wrapper, these are common distrust of them. Saw her leg with the slippers that they accuse the suspicion remains.The wrapper woman shows her marriage.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of Mizar

The Mizar Vamroh free.

If the woman saw it on the market and the streets without a wrapper is the death of her husband, and that Mizar was stolen the thief in the interpretation attributed to a man it up man her husband, though attributed to a woman, the husband of a woman affects the solver.

If the woman saw that it lacked what you put on top of the wrapper or veil or convincing, and so on did not find an open head and hair was a notoriety or a divorce from her husband or a misfortune to him or get hated her or for disaster intervention from the point of her sister or her mother, uncle and so on, but not her husband shall be construed as the pair return it.

If a woman sees a man she wear the turban, they marry, though she saw Tguenat fermented or something unusual, they changed her otherwise. It was a vision that is worn on their heads if Niswan Wearing something of which it Infdh because of a woman among the people.

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