Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Indicate in a dream to Faraj people of their dissatisfaction, or riches after poverty, and the wife of the celibate and the pair of single, and see the mill in the house that have not been to them usually a function of Aloncad and dominance, strife, the grinding of the bread or meat or honey is evidence of corruption of its people and Raaúhm . The grinding of wheat or barley, or what the benefit is indicated to facilitate the generation of their own affairs and their livelihood and their recovery from their illnesses, and the renewal of their interests. If a large millstone were seen in the city center or in the mosques and the country was in ruins was a millstone, especially if a fire or rock grinding, otherwise the Taona, especially if what Ttahnh Mafna or barley water, mud or tiny meat. Some of them said If the molar journey took place, took place without the wheat he is tired. If the molar retort took place Vaiglo price.
It felt a raging spin it Baldolab prolific livelihood for those who saw her.
and saw mill grinding it spin without travel. If the molar held without cause shown near to the seer. The mill hand Faraglan Vasagan partners not preparing for other Slahama.
It felt he runs his hand millstone Fatahn as possible, it trusteth in his religion and his living on his hand, and gain sustenance and living for as much as what came out of the flour. The molar indicate bad things, and the servants of Trustees. It was molar indicates weddings and sisters.
It felt his hand mill it is beaten and imprisoned.
and saw mill broke and was a prisoner, it escapes from prison, but was worried Faraj, his main concern, though in deadly survived or died.
It felt that his mill grinding food, water neighbor, with or without water, the living of other codes. The thought that he died broken millstone millstone owner. He saw the grind stone afflicted fear. The molar show fear. It bought the mill that was married bachelor, or husband or son, daughter,. Bought or servant, or if he traveled from the people to travel. Molar and the wind does not dispute her survival. It was molar refraction shows Faraj owner of worries, and it was said that the death of its owner, and the molar saffron it drooping on the joys and delights, good case and good praise.
and may indicate the disease jaundice. The raging water, air or servants of the Sultan Gate.
and possibly shown to facilitate the flow of ships and hard and heavy rain. The mill hand comfort and function of the vagina, and possibly indicated by the evil, or ongoing litigation.
and perhaps indicated by the wife and the life and livelihood, the whole kit was shown to travel and get things done fast. And indicates the many women Alokolh evil.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Molars: (See Teeth; Tooth)

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