Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a man in a dream in which each defect, the killer ape Vgelbh Faisiba disease and then recover from it, drop the monkey Faisiba disease is no cure. It was said that the monkey man comes sin. It addresses the monkey eating the flesh of the defect can not be healed of it, or got new clothes.
It felt that a monkey bite, it is between him and the man his opponents and controversy. And the monkey man deceive Wily Wizard and demonstrates the disease. Monkey and the enemy vanquished.
is of the opinion that it is a monkey passengers invincible enemy.
It felt that it gave him a monkey he gains by the enemy.
It is believed that the monkey on his shoulder he carried extracts from his home and is known for stealing them. It was said in the monkey that we feel for those who felt that his property or carry. The monkey man of great grace still committed. And the monkey man shows up on enemies and falling into sin and requires in detestation such as pigs, and perhaps indicated by the Jews, and eat his flesh and lack of need.And the monkey man had robbed a poor deprived of his grace.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the monkey

The monkey, it shall be construed ways:

Cursed treacherous enemy Wily Zan gay .

It felt: that he rode it invincible enemy.

It felt: that he is fighting with him and drop it get sick and then recover, though he thinks the monkey it does not recover from his illness, or shows a defect in its members would not go away at all.

And the vision of the monkey meat they eat and distressed sickness and disease .

It felt: that the monkey rode on his horse, it shall be construed corruption Jew to his wife, and was told the male monkey man spoiler treacherous sorcerers and evil woman female monkey siphon.

It felt: that the monkey gave him something to eat it and save his money for his family, and was told the monkey man on a sin, and the man is said to expiate the grace of Allah be upon him.

It felt: it gave him a monkey, it construed treason should fear God.

It felt: that monkey on his shoulder, it is extracted from the theft of his home.

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