Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If the vision in the month of Muharram, they do not correct mistakes. And seeing him in a dream indicates the vulva and the salvation of the prison and the healing of diseases. Though the seer had retired from his people or his country he returned to them relative to the story of Yunus for his release from the belly of the whale. The temptation might have seen a great Imam of the deaths or the appearance of a just world because God created Adam and Eve peace be upon them. The seer was a sinner repents to God, because God repented on the Adam peace be upon him. The seer who had hopes of honor and status that happened to him, because Allaah raise the Idris peace be upon him a high place. If the traveler is in the sea and escaped with him because the ship on the Astute Joudi. The seer was hoped the boy and the boy a good livelihood, because it was born Abraham and Jesus, peace be upon them.The seer was in tight pussy him or escaped from his enemy because God saved when Abraham from the fire of Nimrod. Perhaps he returned for his innovation and seer Dilalth and repented to God and give up his sins, because God repented on the David peace be upon him. The seer was isolated from his term he returned to his position because the God in which he responded to King Solomon peace be upon him, though he is poor or patients cured of his illness and enjoined of God because God Almighty revealed the harm from Ayyub (AS). Perhaps seer sent messengers because Allah Almighty km where Moses peace be upon him, and perhaps open to the Muslim country from the land of kufr.
If the vision in the month of Safar is not commendable. And his vision for those who are in or not the severity of the damage, although the patients showed his vision on healing and health. And the month of March if the vision in which he won in his business, and to bless them and pleased and rejoices. Perhaps a good livelihood and a son, and that people were still in the intensity of them, even if they are wronged they were victorious, is subject. Born of the Prophet peace be upon him. And perhaps conquered people is subject to the blessed invasion of invasion of Jandal. And the month of Rabi If his vision for the good function slowed, but showed rushed into evil.And win the rights to his enemy, or alive and the world is subject to a son born Imam Ali Karam Allah and face. And the month of May if there is no vision, the desired sale and purchase. It has seen his wife or his daughter, Fatima Zahra is subject died God bless them. And the month of Jumada II that showed good vision to have slowed.
the month of Rajab, and saw in a dream indicates that raising the status is subject stopped the Prophet peace be upon him to heaven. And the month of August if the vision of the good and valid to grow and multiply good, and singles and guardians.And the month of Ramadan closes the gates of hardship and immorality, and avarice, and rush the good vision and do not slow down, and vision show on the pond and good, and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, though he was a student of science, because it happened to him down the Qur’an. Patients with epilepsy, although it is subject woke up chained demons. And the month of November in a dream indicating deliverance from adversity, and the pleasure and joy, because the festival kicking off, Farah, the construction of the Kaaba and the Battle of the Trench.The month of November if it has shown the vision to travel do not travel, although they showed Vlijtenbh. And the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, if shown to the vision and can travel Vlisavr things in it a holy month in which the feast and sacrifice, and it was the death of Omar ibn al-Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan, may Allah be pleased with them.

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