Seeing The Moon In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Moon In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Moon In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Moon

Is the king in a dream world or just a great man or a liar.
and saw the moon in his lap married. The woman saw that the moon took place in her house, I took some of the gesture in a rag, it gives birth to a son, and die. But saw the moon walking in front of the minister, the sun comes out on the king. The infidel woman saw that the moon in her lap converted to Islam. But felt that the moon on the earth is his mother’s death. And the sun and the moon parents. Those who look at the moon, he saw an example of his face when it dies, If he has a pregnant woman, it augurs Bold said. The King saw that the moon is darkest, the flock may offend him.But felt that the moon became a sun it receives, or attributed the good and the money from his father or his wife. And the moon shows the seer and the wife of his parents or his daughter or his sister or his business or his work. This is indicated on the ship because the crew are seeking in the sea by lunar trajectory. And also shows the travel because it is constantly on the move. And see the moon for the patient to indicate the loss, and saw the moon wear hijab in drag, it indicates a disease, or money to go, and saw that the moon spoke to him won the presidency. The pregnant woman saw that the moon in her lap and put a boy. The Han saw the moon in place does not reach them, they desire a male child is not affixed.
It felt that worship the sun or the moon, it commits a great sin or obey a king or a minister with falsehood.
It felt the sun and the moon Asadjadan to him, the parents were satisfied with him.
and saw the moon split may indicate the loss of the minister or the king.
is of the opinion that the moon is a shift in the image of a man Rvel the Minister singles.
and perhaps showed his vision for Disease cold and moisture as evidenced by the sun on the heat.
and perhaps Del Moon on Anees and Almnadm.
and perhaps Del Moon on gambling, and demonstrates the right and the Alliance, says both {} and the moon . Or maybe his vision is indicated on the healing of eye pain, saw the moon has split, indicated by the appearance of a sign for the verse{time approached and the moon} . And the vision of the moon at night in Crescent a valid directory is full.
Del Moon and possibly on the world of stars. It is seen in a dream in Aries was good evidence to meet the pride, and perhaps the one who was poor construction. And that he saw in Taurus and he thinks travel on land that was bad. And that he saw in Gemini was blameworthy for the acquisition of the temple, valid to purchase the animals. And that he saw in Cancer was good for marriage.
though he saw in Leo was blameworthy for the company and the mixing of money.And that he saw in the spike was good for the body, vomiting. And that he saw in the balance was so bad. And that he saw in Scorpio was good to enjoy the bath poor to travel. And that he saw the bow was bad for the tree planting. And that he saw in Capricorn was bad to lay the foundation. And that he saw in the bucket was bad for the implementation of other movements. The whale was spotted in the well for a brigade and Alambayaat.
and saw the sun and the moon and the stars met in the position of its orbit it is acceptable to say to the king, otherwise they have a disaster. But felt a sun and a moon on his right and north and in front of him and behind him they are a disaster or fear or defeat for the verse {And collect the sun and the moon, says human} Where is the escape that day . [See the sky, and see the sun.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Moon: (Reverie; Satellite) The moon in a dream represents ajust ruler, his chief minister, a great scholar, a handsome looking boy, a tyrant, or a liar. Seeing the moon as it is in the skies in a dream represents the chief minister of the land. Seeing the moon sitting in one’s lap in a dream means getting married. Sitting in the moonlight and talking to one’s friend in a dream means reverie and idle talk. Ifa woman sees that the moon has fallen inside her house, then if she takes it and wraps it in a swaddle in a dream, it means that she will beget a son who will shortly die after his birth and she will suffer great sorrow from his loss. Seeing the moon turned to the dark side in a dream means dismissal of the chief minister from his post. Seeing the moon advancing before the sun in a dream means that the chief minister will rise against his master. If the moon disap-pears in the skies in a dream, it means that one’s business has come to a halt, or that something he has asked for will not materialize, whether it be good or


evil. If the moon reappears in the dream, it means that one will receive what he is seeking, and again, whether it is good or bad for him. Seeing a bright and a radiant moon in the skies in a dream means justice and prosperity. Seeing the moon inside one’s house in a dream means that a guest or a traveller will soon arrive. Seeing the moon laying on the ground in a dream means the death of one’s mother. Walking on the moon in a dream means endearment and love for one’s mother. The sun and the moon in a dream represent one’s father and mother. Seeing the reflection of one’s face in the moon in a dream means one’s death. If one’s wife is pregnant, and if he sees his resemblance reflected in the moon in a dream, it means glad tidings of a son. If one is looking into the skies and he suddenly sees the moon in his dream, it means that his enemies will be subjugated to him. Holding the moon in a dream means receiving a gift from a ruler or a rich person. If a ruler sees the moon dimmed in a dream, it means that his subjects will rise against him. If the moon turns into a sun in a dream, it means receiving honor and wealth from either one’s father or wife. The moon in a dream also represents one’s wife, sons, daughters, sister, properties, business, craft, a vessel, a ship, or it could mean travels. As for a sick person or a traveller, seeing the moon in a dream means one’s destruction or death. If the moon is veiled by clouds in the dream, it means a short sickness. Seeing the moon through the clouds in a dream means losing one’sjob. If a rich person sees clouds covering the moon in a dream, it means losing his wealth. If the moon speaks to someone in his dream, it means that he will receive a high ranking appointment. If a pregnant woman sees herself trying to reach the moon with her hand but to no avail in a dream, it means that she is wishing to have a son. Prostrating oneself to the sun or the moon in a dream means committing an awesome sin. If one sees the sun and the moon prostrating themselves before him in a dream, it means that his father and mother are pleased with him. If the moon splits in two halves in a dream, it means that harm will befall a great person, or that a major sign will manifest to show the divine power in that locality. If one sees a lunar eclipse, or if the moon becomes opaque, or turns reddish in a dream, it means that major changes will take place in one’s life. The moon in a dream also represents one’s bosom friend, an unjust governor, his chief minister, his assistant, a gambler, an oath, recovering from an illness or suffering from eye irritation. Seeing a full moon during the early days of the lunar month, when it is supposed to be only a crescent in adream means benefits while the opposite means harm. The moon in a dream also represents a scholar, an astrologer, an astronomer or a guide. Seeing the moon at its highest point in a dream means honor and blessings while seeing it at its lowest point in a dream means the opposite. Seeing the moon in the position of Aries in a dream means benefits for someone who desires to meet with high ranking people, though it could also have a negative connotation for someone who works in construction. Seeing the moon in the position of Taurus in a dream means losses for a business traveler. As for seeing it in the position of Gemini in a dream, then it means profits from a ranch and raising livestock. Seeing the moon in the position of Cancer in a dream means good time to get married and conceive children. Seeing it in the position of Leo in a dream means bad business for partnerships, securities, or mixing capitals. Seeing it in the position of Virgo in a dream is good for health and fitness oriented people. Seeing the moon in the position of Libra in a dream means water loss for a pregnant woman. Seeing the moon in the position of Scorpio in a dream means benefits for health oriented people, or for buying new clothing, though it also could connote negative results for travellers. Seeing the moon in the position of Sagittarius in a dream means bad time for planting or seedling. Seeing it coupled with Capricorn in a dream is a bad sign for construction or laying a foundation to a structure, or for starting a business. Seeing the moon in the position of

meanings by Al ahsaai

 Sighting of the moon

It felt a crescent of his who was born and that saw him fell to the ground or die world Afqatal king saw but felt no other human being Crescent died sooner and saw the moon in the room he married man or woman and full moon, light, useful minister to the people

 Recite the moon

Al Moon indicate the difficulties make it easier or return of the doubt and doubt to the good and right and the nail on the enemies or be enchanted by the seer does not matter that

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the moon

Daniel said: Caliph construed either Minister or Minister of the king or their deputies who, it is considered that held the moon or to make it in his evidence that it would be ministers of the king, or close to, or has special properties.

It felt: that he fought the Moon indicates that he gets his fight with one of those mentioned.

It felt: he established a place of the moon or take him to be one of those light and take the moon from the sky, but not into light for him or was not a dark beam indication of distress on the vulva, though dark, was not in place, indicating a need for these to the seer in order of things.

Ibn Sirin said: The moon is full if it construed the king .

It felt: that the moon split 2/2 indicates the loss of the king or one of these mentioned.

It felt: they joined after the split shows that people Atzlmon him and ask for justice and his wife was sick.

It felt: that the moon word indicates the conscience of the state and the success of the need.

It felt: Alibdran Tharba satellites shows two kings fight, even if they are not Bdran indicates to fight two of those is below the king.

It felt: the moon in his hand or with him indicates that he preaches a woman, the moon was a crescent without him they are women in the origin and descent, albeit a dark half-moon of the children of women are pro, but is full to be higher than in the origin and descent. The woman who saw this vision required by Baal, and the sentence in the above expression.

But felt the moon has come clean in his home indicates that it gets him better than before his sermon or a woman, and that he saw in the house of a Ta others indicates that it preaches a woman of the people of that house and get him good and because of invincibility .

The moon saw Mnkhsva indicates poor if the king of that time or if the Minister such as isolating the king or his kingdom for the minister and his ministry, especially if Enkhsv statement in full .

It felt: a crescent moon got out of familiar but not in the first month after taking Taluah light to grow to become a full moon that indicates that generates born in that place and become a king or a minister or his property.

It felt: a crescent of Ta is informed indication of the occurrence is difficult in that place it gets to the people g. It was the vision of the moon show the birth of the son of the king of that place, saw the light of the moon plus indicates the length of the life of that baby that felt that Bader is a middle age, though he saw the light minus the old short.

It felt: that Abdul the Moon is busy serving a king or a minister.

It felt: that cities of the moon indicates that it gets him from the king or the Minister of welfare and benefit.

It felt: it held the moon or the moon came to him suggesting that his wife be pregnant and give birth to a son be close when the king or a scientist.

It felt: that the moon alone dropped out of his wife and a son, and were not pregnant, it is not Mahmoud.

It felt: he eats of the moon it a miss was mentioned in this chapter.

It felt: that the moon is absent or goes down it has become, which is at the end, and the first night or the middle or the end of it goes as far as it went from him.

It felt: Moon scanned it construed the consent of a parent, and if otherwise Vtobeirh against him. It was the vision of meeting new moons construed pilgrimage to the verse, “They ask you about the new moons are times less for mankind and Hajj.”

It felt: a crescent, a single show him to the people has not been seen on the other it shows near him.

It felt: a crescent had broken and missed it, the student who is not his.

In all, the vision of the moon shall devolve on the seventeen face: a king or a minister or Nadim King or the President or Sheriff or ongoing or boy, or is invalid or Wall or the world of a spoiler or a man most or father or mother or wife or husband wife or child or greatness. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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