Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of a dream that he saw in a hostage in the position it has gained for himself the sins of many Vnevsh hostage.
and saw that it was subject to him under it is about to do harm to other injustice, the current IOS has required even lifting the mortgage. The mortgage is taken from the evidence of one thing and a spiral, a D for slippage, and see the scandals, or on the human remains dependent on its view of man in it.
and perhaps Del mortgage on the plight and the anguish of love so that the heart of the subject when it is busy. The mortgage in a dream, something precious to something nasty nasty person afflicted with love. And consumes as much as is Jalil.
and perhaps in a dream del mortgage on mistrust and Balrahen mortgagee and perhaps Del mortgage on travel.

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