Moses, peace be upon him

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Moses, peace be upon him

Whom he saw in a dream, God Almighty mighty perish on his hands, and undermines the power and glory after a victory. And the vision of Moses, peace be upon him show force with the right owners and conquer falsehood, and that there was a powerful king or head of a heretic Ohlkh God.
It is felt that a shift in the image of Moses, peace be upon him, the enemy has the authority Bteke fingernail. If he saw a prisoner indicated he survived, and his vision indicates loss of the mighty. It saw him was in the war victory, albeit in a sea of passengers it escapes from the sea and delivered, and the vision of Moses, peace be upon him show trials in childhood and band parents, relatives and cohabitation with the kings and the mighty and the affinity of the righteous, and see them on the wonders of things that the Greens peace be upon him saw him breach the ship and killed the boy and the wall. Indicate his vision to travel in the sea and be consequences to the safety and profit.
It felt Moses abstraction from employers indicates that the increase in the light, inwardly, promotions, and raise grades.
It felt it stick in his hand Moses receive his great victory over his enemies. The champion was enchanted by the magic with him.
and perhaps the emergence of Del Moses stick to help the believers and the destruction of the unbelievers.

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