Seeing The Mosque In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Mosque In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Mosque In The Dream Interpretation by Ibne serin Mosque: (Jami; Masjid) The main city mosque or the central mosque in a dream represents the king, the governor, or the ruler of a Muslim country, since he takes care of establishing the divine laws as well as he is the symbol of Islam and the decisive judge between the lawful and the unlawful. Smelling an apple inside a mosque means getting married. A mosque in a dream is like the central market that people intend daily and endeavor to make profit therein. It is a place where people will profit according to their deeds and efforts. A mosque in a dream also represents one who is to be obeyed, respected and revered such as a father, a teacher, a shaikh or a man of knowledge. It also asserts justice ifone who enters a mosque in his dream is unjustly treated. The main city mosque in a dream represents the Qur’anic revelation, the ocean of knowledge, a place of purification and washing one’s sins, the graveyard where submissiveness and contemplation are evoked, the washing and shrouding of the dead, medicine, Dream Interpretation in Islam

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  1. Assalamu alaikum
    My dream was in something similar but a little bit different so I’m confused and hope you could help out.
    Actually I dreamt of myself wanting to check on a girl that I do like which I headed to some place I considered as her home (even though its not the apartment I know her in, in real life) upon reaching I brought out my phone and called her and I started asking where she is and and so, which told me she’s reading her books and while doing that I entered a mosque which I know the mosque but its in a different country than the one we’re in presently which i and the girl never met there though we’re from the same country as to where the mosque is but we never met there, we met here were we’re schooling.
    So after entering the mosque I did saw her from a distance and people were kinda blocking my view but I did saw her putting her phone to her ear talking to me which i saw another class mate of mine which I and her have been in the same mosque in real life as the mosque is in a school which I and the girl that is my classmate attended but she has never met the girl i like nor know her in real life though they’re from the same state, so I noticed the classmate of mine was trying to draw out the girl telling her to stand up let them leave but she still refused and then the class mate of mine left her alone then she (the class mate) saw me by the door and spoke though i kinda spoke harshly a bit to her and we walked together till i met some other male classmates of ours beside the mosque then she left and i was with these guys gisting and never girl I liked come out of the mosque till I woke up for fajr prayer.

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