Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is the enemy in a dream shed blood, and distorts the body, and perhaps indicated by the law, because the law of His names.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of mosquitoes

 The mosquito is the law, it is interpreted by man vile despicable weak skimpy mischievous.

 It felt: lice entered his house, it shows worry and grief.

 It felt: his nose in the mosquito did not come out, it indicates the scourge and the plight of great intensity and it is located.

 It felt: a mosquito in Mtvkr created it and making God Almighty have construed it repentance and forgiveness, has said Zamakhshari:

I see from the D-wing mosquitoes … in the darkness of night Abhiyan allele

In the opinion of the veins in Naatha hers … and the brain in those bones bees

Abdul forgive repented for Virtath … What was it the first time in

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