Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is a great king in a dream, or the majestic Sultan as his strength and his skill in his work. Angel of Death and mourning. In cases where the mourning what he wants from the iron, it affects a great kingdom. It is believed that Smith, because it has iron and it works tools, was the man of the people of King, it receives the property. Sultan and mourning the unknown, or a great king and his strength as much danger in the treatment of iron. But was told in a dream The So and so ordered him to raise the mourning and was well revealed by the incident Tljih to the Sultan or to find refuge from it. It is returned in a dream, to mourn it receives from the object that is appropriate for him. This is indicated on each of mourning fire live on Ktabakh and baker, copper, and most resembling. It entered the blacksmith sat with him, was sick, the dead or to become a fire, especially if his clothes were black, and entered the prison, and the Arabs call the warden of mourning.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of mourning

The mourning, it is felt that it became a mourning people benefit from it in matters of religion and the world and his name is known for goodness and righteousness.

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