Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is born in a dream, and if he sees that his wife gives birth to the Amtakt daughter. The Amtakt in Dar married man that house. And it was said of the view that Amtakt he spends his religion, or reward a people with something they did. The Amtakt in Mendalh it betrays his servant. But felt the mucus in his nose with his wife pregnant.
It felt that it went out of his nose Amtakt an animal or a bird struck a boy from my neighborhood are attributed to him the bird, the puss out of his nose he is born a thief, but Dove is the daughter of crazy. And mucus warning disease or download.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Mucus: (See Nasal mucus; Phlegm) Mud: (See Mire; Tattoo)

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See mucus

The mucus is of the view that Amtakt on the ground and I was born a girl and saw that it was Amtakt a woman, it shall be with him and killed his son but felt a woman Mkhtt it, it gives birth to him and wean a child last is of the opinion that Amtakt place he marry there and saw that it was Amtakt in the bed of one of it betrays in his wife and saw that it was eating mucus it eats money is of the opinion that his nose mucus showed his vision to his wife pregnant

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of mucus

The mucus that come to him as Fidel was born by the many similarities because cats born from the sewn-Assad, and perhaps Del Alamtkhat on the fulfillment of religion, or escape from them or reward people for what they did.

It felt: that Amtakt on the ground and I was born a girl.

It felt: that Amtakt the woman they fall pregnant and it was born.

But felt that a woman gives birth to it Tmkhtt by him and another boy of the Muslims.

It felt: that it is important Amtakt marry from there was a lawful or forbidden.

It felt: that Amtakt brushes in one, it betrays him in his wife, as well as that done with him, if in a napkin or something like Faúl on a server.

It felt: that Amtakt Vmsanh something of which his wife and she dodges Tkhaddah it to get pregnant from it.

But felt that other wipe sewn in, nobody, betrays his wife.

It felt: it eats it eats mucus money.

It felt: that his nose mucus showed his vision that his wife was pregnant.

It felt: that Amtakt out of him what kind he hates not born good, but it was kind of popular suitable for Fuld.

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