Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is in a dream and disease-hwan. It was his pension from the work of clay is a good sign for him.
It is believed that clay tomb of the Prophet peace be upon him money to perform Hajj it.
It felt that it eats money eat mud, clay and construction income and utility. And mud of the patient’s death. [See the mud.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the mud

It felt that he kneaded clay bricks it works or it is no good because they are distressed

  See the mud

It felt and a solution of water, rain and legs or the like or water Kadra of clay and the like it is they and fear in that position you see that it is of the opinion that walking in the mud it fall ill, they are as much and settled in the mud and that he was sick or worried, it affects his illness or his main concern

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of mud

 The mud, it construed ways:

Single vision and mud Faúl disease and worry and sadness and fear .

 It felt: he eats clay cooked it backbite about people.

 It felt: he eats mud or dust, it saves money for his family.

 It felt: that Willis his house with mud, it construed the accession are to him.

 It felt: he walks in the mud or muddy water, it shows they get worried and distressed, and was construed mud came down to those who fear it.

 It felt: he walks in the mud, it was sick or worried worries or illness.

 It felt: he kneaded clay bricks it works or it does not good, and perhaps two and a feud, and was told to build a clay basis of piety and religion may be interpreted, and may be a treasure.

 It felt: that Atin a tomb, it was dead, it shows his visit, he was alive and that there is no good in him.

 It felt: that the mud with him to eat it, it affects the money.

 It felt: Vouhl much clay which did not find a way out his salvation or his death it is construed.


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