Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


MUdd: (arb.; See Half a bushel)


Muezzin: (Caller to prayers; Muslim caller on the hour of prayers) In a dream, a muezzin represents’ someone who calls for what is good and blessed, a broker, an officiant who performs the wedding ceremony, the messenger of the king, or his door attendant. If a muezzin recites the entire call to prayers in a dream, it may denote the pilgrimage season. The call to prayers in a dream also may represent a siren announcing a burglary or a fire. If a woman calls to prayers on top of a minaret in a dream, it means innovation and that a major trial will emerge in that locality. If a child calls to prayers from the top of a minaret and at a time other than the hour of prayers in a dream, it means that ignorant people will rise to govern and lead his community. The call to prayers in a dream also represents an official announcement. An unknown muezzin in a dream represents the governor, or the ruler of that land. (Also see Cock fighting; Minaret; Masjid; Mosque; Ram)

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