Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Indicate his vision in a dream on, he asked to live and clarity, and healing of Alasagam.
and perhaps see shown on the vendor such as pigs unclean and monkey. Muffler and a man of money and earn haram. And Allenbaz who make wine a man irritates the people of falsehood even to take the same work.

. Muffler

Is the woman’s husband in a dream. A women’s concealed and adornments. The woman saw that her dress wet, wet, or the dress, the enemies want Bbatal flying them for fun and ego of the husband. If the black veil worn her husband, the poor Sfah.The incident was a disaster of women in the veil of her husband, the husband did not have her money in it is harmful or misfortune in the values ​​of their brother or uncle.That he saw the man wearing it affects the nation compelling a maid. The woman saw that it put her veil from her head in the forum of people plagued by order takes away the shyness. But felt that the veil leaves her husband went, and if he returned to her husband. Muffler and religion rights.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See Muffler

The veil of women married her or values ​​which Istrha the opinion that the veil broader and applaud the best of what is it, that well-being of the husband but felt that the veil snatched them and burned down or went about it dies her husband or divorce, the burned some hit pair the damage and fear but felt that it put her veil her head in a forum of people ordered to go by the modesty and that they saw no robe sought in the market and that is the death of her husband, she saw a woman fermentation her head veil or turban, unusual or other married men, although they saw the man that convincing his wife it on his head in his Evtdh

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