Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream indicates the woman or the server.
and possibly glass mugs shown on the backs of things hidden. The mug filled shows a pregnant woman, the dissipation of water fell pregnant, and that broken mug the woman died.
It felt his hand cup and he signed the mug from his hand and broke and left the water in his hand is his wife gives birth to a boy and die and keep her child, and handed mug and went water child, like die and handed women. The mug is in progress. Mugs from the essence of women.
and may indicate the severity glass mugs because Anksarha.
and saw that it was eating Okdaha it is located in a great intensity and Qdha died broken legs. [See Alqab].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Mug: (A small drinking cup; Tankard) A mug in a dream represents one’s progeny, love to raise children, knowledge and understanding. (Also see Jar; Tankard)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Mug

 The mug it is construed to women, it is believed that he gave the cup and has water drink and drink from it marries a woman or buys under way and gets him to do a righteous son resting it, but the wine and drink it it shows for Born spoiler bad effective does not rest it.

 In all, the vision Mug construed in three ways: a woman and a slave server to help the facilitator of the house.

 It felt: that he has a cup, may break and change what it construed the death of his wife and his son’s safety, but otherwise Vtobeirh against him, though Tbdedda Teixra together and it Bmutema construed together.

 It felt: it is empty cup construed not to boys.

 It felt: a cup is finished by drinking it or whether it is construed Kabbah near him, but what he hates the taste it is construed to death.

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