Muhammad peace be upon him

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Muhammad peace be upon him

Stated in the saheeh hadeeth about it, he said «Whoever sees me in a dream Vsarani in vigilance, the devil is not me» . According to another report «Whoever sees me has seen the truth» . In the novel Anas may Allah be pleased with him«Whoever sees me in a dream you will not enter the fire» . In the novel «will not enter the fire he saw me in a dream» . In the novel «Whoever sees me has seen me in a dream, really should not have imagined the devil Besorta» . There are other accounts.
The scholars differed on the meaning of the hadeeth he said the group is the vision of the Prophet in his image that was it. Ibn Sirin said may God have mercy on him in his image, which was arrested. And supported by modern Asim bin Clip It says when ruling on bail well, I said to Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them I saw the Prophet peace be upon him in a dream, he said he called me, stating that al-Hasan ibn Ali Vhbhth him and said I saw him, and opposed by news of the saw in a dream has I think he saw me in every picture because he is weak. Others said that does not require it, including Ibn Arabi may Allah be pleased with him, said what he summed up his vision peace be upon him as the information is aware of the truth and to other recognition for example, the right that the prophets do not change them land Vadrack self precious truth, and recognize the qualities understanding of the example. The son of Abu Hamza, his vision in the form of good good in the religion of the seer, because peace be upon him like a mirror polished Antba the equivalent, and this is a great benefit to see peace be upon him, as it is known if the seer, he stated that Ibn Hajar Haythami Almighty God’s mercy in explaining the merits Tirmidhi. As well as other prophets, peace be upon them, the devil is not in God nor the prophets nor the angels have peace.
It felt our Prophet Muhammad and was worried Faraj him, or a prisoner out of his prison, and if the cost of Faraj him, though oppressed and victory, or afraid of the security. Bishara and his vision of the good behind me in consequence of his religion and worldly affairs. The saw coming toward him, or Matma him in his prayers fed something nice or decorated Mbosa fit, but if he knew the work, including science, though worshipers reached the homes the people of dignity, though a sinner repents, though infidel guided, says {, believe in Allah and His Messenger illiterate Prophet} .Shows to see the Prophet to show the sincerity of the arguments and the article and the fulfillment of the promise, and probably got from his family and his relatives, envy, hostility and hatred, and perhaps died his family and moved from his home country to the other, and perhaps he catches an orphan from his parents. The show seen on the show dignity, peace be upon him because the antelope, and camel’s back before his feet, and family to heaven, and the word arm, and walked to the trees. Although the seer of Alekhalin treated eyes was in a great amount of industry that peace be upon him reply appointed Qatada. The strained people thirst indicated that the rain falls, peace be upon him spring water from between his fingers. But if she sees a great woman of rank, and fame are valid, and chastity and honesty, and perhaps plagued Baldharaúr and had a good seed, even if they have money spent in obedience to God. To see peace be upon him show to be patient in harm’s way.
and perhaps showed his vision to help the believers and the destruction of the unbelievers, and that he saw the debtor spent his religion and that he saw a patient lips of God, and that he saw a warrior victory of God, although it was considered in the land infertile O_khaspt and saw the funeral of the Prophet peace be upon him which leads to that spot calamity, terrible, and the funeral of his funeral, it tends to heresy, and visited his grave hit the money great but felt that I’m the Prophet peace be upon him is indicated for clearance of his faith and belief.
It is felt that a shift in the image of peace be upon him and he was a student of the king bestowed upon and condemned his land, though Oazza humiliation in God, and that the applicant is aware earned it, and sacked if he is poor, married or unmarried, or had hit it in place and saw him baptized Berkth peace be upon him is authorized in the subject of many fertile and his men. But if she sees her husband, he saw a pregnant or the right words. Well it is seen to increase in the religion of the seer, and saw a black beard Finale and pleasure ground. But felt his neck thick imam Hafiz of the secretariat of the Muslims and he saw him in the military and the weapon was laughing, the Muslim army defeated. But felt that peace be upon him combing his head and beard, it indicates the demise of them. It is among the Sahaabah saw Aaakhi Finale note accordingly.
It felt peace be upon him and his grave was a merchant profit in his business. The Prophet saw that it was Abu Vivsd religion of peace and weaken the belief. The saw one of the wives of the Prophet peace be upon him is his mother increased his faith.But saw that it was walking behind the Prophet peace be upon him then he should follow the year.
and saw that it was eating alone, the seer does not prevent the liquid charity. And that the Prophet peace be upon him without insole, it does not pray with the congregation, and saw him wearing it hidden ordering him to jihad in the way of Allah Almighty.
It felt his blood mixed with the blood of the Prophet peace be upon him, it Asahir honest. The gave him a prophet something which is recommended Kalrdob, honey, it saves the Koran and undermine the science as it gave him.
and saw the Prophet peace be upon him in the form of young long Vtkon between people sedition and murder, the saw, a chief of a large, people in health, though he saw a white color, it turns to God and his work improves. It is seen Aatbh or prerogatives it had the most recent innovations in religion.

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