Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


See the mule in a dream indicate the to it and advanced in the business and the police seeking in people’s affairs, and the mule in a dream travel, a man foolish and illegitimate because his father is not sex, it is felt that rode mules Entice Mahgla and went to kiss the pilgrimage, and went to the On the other hand it indicates that travel with honor. The mule ride demonstrates the longevity and the husband does not give birth to a woman sterile, and Albglp Bsrjha Adiba good woman, and only had the benefit of travel. The mule is not installed it, it betrays a man in his wife.
It felt Bgala red indicate they have a cunning man who without him.
It felt that he had seen mules contending with a man.
It is believed that King Bgala it owns slaves or money. It rode the mule in a dream and had a great discount, and an avowed enemy, Abdul-malignant or it gains control it and oppress, and that was a woman married him, and saw that the mule has a friendlier and it is the hope of increasing his wealth. And riding mules up encumber made ​​easy if it is valid for those knees. The poor mule, which has no owner shows a malignant evil lineage. And riding Albglp black woman with money and sterile Sadd.The extractor and mule man, it shows the son of a bitch.
and saw that it was turned into a mule and the moment of the book of the living. And Albglp indicate the rank, the fallen Bgleth isolation for his rank, and felt that drinking milk yield afflicted Hall or indigestion as far as the evil of milk. The mule in a dream or a boy born much toil and strive, many impatient vanity, birth control and ride colorless Albglp Almighty and as to all people.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of mules

 They draw on:

It is seen riding on a mule that it shows the length of his age and get Alemradat .

 It felt: mule withdrawn it shows they get worried and distressed.

 It felt: that the mule, laments it shows the increased wealth and the attainment of his purpose on the one hand a woman.

 It felt: he was killed mule it finds money.

 It felt: Say that the mule died or lost, it demonstrates the paradox of a great amount and meat and skins money mules and grace and milk panic. It was of the opinion that riding a mule travels it is a vague journey away, and perhaps for the length of life.

 It is it considers that: that he riding a mule a Western does not know the to him costume nor the color of nor is it broken in to plow it riding a ordered a man who a difficult a malignant Al_husb and nature.

 It felt: that he was riding a mule and a man as he walked slowly by it quite a bit.

 It felt: it speeds up the mule to walk up to drown it urgent travel.

 It felt: that he got off his mule, or epilepsy with him or having intercourse with him or saw it as what he loves or hates or event in which the interpretation of this incident, whether male or female Ktaoal Persians.

 It felt: Bgleth produces an increase in the money and was riding a mule in the form of a nice long life, and perhaps a feud with a man.

 The woman Albglp Vtúl the descendants of the slave woman and the pro.

 It felt: that he had died or lost his mule he dies his wife.

 It felt: that mule rider with whom he had evidence of travel is travel to its owner, and perhaps the length of his life and earn a living because the mule without the beasts live long and many people caused him to gain.

 It felt: that the mule has a saddle and bridle or leash or Wakaf and gone, and so on of the boats, a women rider or the owner or donated to it, it affects a woman barren. It was the vision of colors mules are the course of horse colors.

 In all, the vision of mules devolve on seven aspects: Travel and women sterile and longevity and the attainment of nail and beauty and science and a man foolish, and perhaps shown a vision of riding a mule or Albglp if the jurist on the inauguration of the judiciary because it is Himhm.

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