Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Beatings with whips in a dream speech, the bad blood he shed his loss of money. And battery life Baldrh is dead. And beaten by the sword manual victory over the enemies.And beatings Balabat pieces of it between his family and his relatives. And beatings is better and more known be bestowed milled. Though felt that the a king beat him it covered with, the beat him on the his back it Levy his religion, albeit beat him on the his inability to it her husband in. And beatings, it is felt that preaching hits a man on his head he wants to go boss. Hit him in the eyelid, the eye, it wants to rape his religion. The uprooting of Jaffna Ochwer it wants him to heresy, the blow to his skull Finale batsman Manat. Beatings and prayer It is considered that hits the donkey is the rider does not eat it until after the calling of God and ask him. Saw that it was the hit man he calls it. And hit the woman who is under his hand batsman the benefit of the cause of them. But felt that it is milled, this is a good sign, if the batsman was not some angels or some of the dead, beaten to walk because it is evidence of bad skin, as well as beating reed, and if he considers it hits the other is best for him other than being hit. It was beatings, whippings explain that the batsman knows milled literature.And beaten in a dream travel.
It is considered that hits the ground it travels. It hit the GOP dream a hundred lashes, it has committed adultery or they do so. The skin is the forty lashes of the wine, and the skin is eighty lashes accuse chaste women.
It felt dead beat, dead and angry, the multiplier has committed a sin, or the determination of him, but dead in the house right, but is not pleased with what pleased God. And beat the living force of the deceased in his religion. And It was said from saw the Mita beating him won the better than the travel, and It was said from beating him Mitt it Yoffie his religion, and beatings of the human person from non scratched nor pain livery If That was in the time of the winter. And beatings to those who deserve discipline of the animal, and anyone who does not deserve the ignorance of the animal and attack.

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