Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream indicates the pregnancy secret and charity boys.
and perhaps dL in the Dead that in heaven or on a winning trade, or on the orchard from which harvested fruit, precious or knowledge of scientists. And that make the Musk on the fire, such as amber or invented the lute in his religion, his money or go into corruption, and put the thing out of place. Habib, musk or ongoing or was born, and it was said a woman. It is carried by thieves because it is seized by the beautiful smell indicate the bearer. And musk musk indicates that the more precious than gold, and demonstrates the good life and the good of those who owned or smelled. And demonstrates the innocence of the accused. The musk from the good and all the blackness and nutmeg Kalqrnfel Sadd and pleasure, and praise of good crushed.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Musk: In a dream, musk represents a private charity, pregnancy, a profitable business, a valuable property, a farm, fruit trees, olive trees, or advanced knowledge. When associated with a deceased person, musk in a dream may mean that he is in paradise. If musk is burned as incense in a dream, it means innovation, loss of money and respect, putting things in the wrong place, or serving a strong person for a fee. In a dream, musk also represents one’s beloved, his servant, his son or a beautiful woman. If a thief sees himself carrying musk in a dream, it means that he will cease robbing people, for a sweet fragrance points to its carrier and exposes what he hides. Musk in a dream also means money, gold, comfort, glad tidings, good news, or innocence. The same inter-pretation is given to carnation, clove, nutmeg and other dark seeds, all of which mean triumph and happiness. Grinding them in a dream means receiving praises. Offering them whole in a dream means doing good to an ungrateful person. (Also see Amber; Anoint; Galia moschata)

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