Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Muzdalifa: (arb. Mish’ar AI-Hanim; Rituals of the Pilgrimage) Seeing oneself at Muzdalifa in a dream means receiving a commendation because of one’s endeavor to fulfill his prescribed duties, or it could mean payment of debts, or fulfillment of a promise. To see the sacred station at Muzdalifa (arb. Mish’ar Al-


Haram) in a dream means observing God’s commandments and fulfilling the divine injunctions. If one finds himself standing before the sacred station of Muzdalifa, seeking refuge in its sanctuary in a dream, it means that he will receive guidance and dispel his fears. (Also see ‘Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismiiil; Ka’aba; Mina; Pelting stones; Pilgrimage; Responding; Sa’E; Station of Abraham; ‘Umrah)

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