Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is a polite man in a dream, disciplined people, and fit wood, carpenter and Icomh Ananh, as well as invincible polite men in their religion of corruption, it teaches them good and polite literature, such as for boys. The carpenter shows his vision to deter and compel them hypocrites as they should. Carpenter and boat travel, Carpenter Runnels interest and dividends, and carpenter and discounts the evils of mills, Carpenter doors spouses and children, and carpenter plows plowing and planting.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Carpenter and a man who interpreted Adib disciplined people. It was a vision-Najjar construed Bmadb reformer with a measure in the works of people in matters of religion and the remover of hypocrisy and corruption of their religion.

Vision of the shepherd

The sponsor shall be construed ways:

Ibn Sirin said: grazer construed obtaining money for a living, and was interpreted by state sponsors.

And if he considers A’raabi that he sponsors the Ghanma it reads the Koran nor judge well, and was told the shepherd construed on the and two faces: The Governor of on the things beneficial or Wali on the-Cours.

It felt: it takes care of the sheep and the wolf kidnapped a group of sheep and the rest it shows the destruction of that place because of an unjust king of misery and conditions of the parish.

It felt: it takes care of sheep, it indicates that he receives good number.

It felt: it takes care of horses it shows for the state and tidy Izz.

It felt: it takes care of the donkeys it shows honor and turnout.

It is it considers that: that he sponsors the cow it testifies to the Khasab Sunnis and Lefort good things.

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