Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


If the name of the man turned to the other in a dream is thus expressed his Balvol Vsaad Balsaad. And Salem safety. The shift to a disability, the lame Kalamy wear it so.
and saw that it was called some other name, the name was called ugly it shows defective obscene, or fatal disease. The name of Hasan won the invited and attributed the honor and dignity as required by the meaning of that name.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision names

The name change For two reasons: the invited without his name and the name without his name it shows defective obscene or fatal disease.

But if the name is better than his name, whether visible or derived from the meaning of good-it shows that he attributed the gain and honor and elevation according to the rhyme the name.

But if the name is attributed to God the Almighty God as a slave to slavery and similar, it is God’s care and victory.

But if the name on the name of progress such as Muhammad Yunus and Faúl and so in two ways: if the people of religion and righteousness Vbasharh and good, but from the people of corruption and sin Fidel on the festival and mockery.

But if the name of the names of the projection of the Bedouin and ignorant Kjrbua and Fahid and so it shows ignorance and frequent corruption.

But if the name of so-called by the Jews and the Christians and Keryan Hanna and trait, and so was the fear of bad life and death if this was the view of those who accept the saying in vigilance, but who does not accept he is not saying.

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