Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream place of the Secretariat. Thin neck, but felt helpless about what it is unfair to carry from the Secretariat.
It felt alive in the neck folded it is not endorsing his money. But felt the imam in his neck Glza is strength in justice and oppression of his enemies.
It felt in the neck and hurts the abused in intercourse or in the performance of its secretariat.
It felt his neck struck by the sword, it will cure that was sick, and he was beheaded boy glabrous it dies, because the boy beardless youth like a king. It hit his neck, a solicitous Farajallah his main concern, though owned by freeing, but it was the death of religion, as well as the prisoner out of prison. Neck and replace the mandate and the certificate and the will, Zakat and religion.
It felt nice that neck fat is physically fit is indicated by the position of dignified, though he is an innocent witness to disclosure, although it has a deposit or get rid of them spent it from religion. But felt in the neck abscesses or Giwha liquid or blood, it indicates the operation is discharged. But felt his neck in a book indicates that it is busy disclosure between him and God. But felt in the neck indicated that Gla on the fire. LDL and the good of innocence on the neck of the deceased. The neck of the traveler good evidence coming intact.
It felt in the neck from a rope or wire jewels or pearls was a sign of virtue and knowledge, and truth. And that the Prophet peace be upon him pinched in the neck was censured for assuming ill, suggesting the elimination of religion, and healing of the disease.
It felt good neck of medium length creation, though a brave courage increased, albeit poorly Copyright become generous. Alatqan and from the secretariats of women and men from the secretariats of the neck.
and saw a bird on his neck was white and he is a good work, though black is ugly work.
It felt in the neck it is to do the right copy of the Koran and the Covenant and reading the Koran.

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