Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is for the women of their beauty and adornment.
It is believed that the necklace was of gold, Crown Sapphire Lauder and an act of Muslims. The necklace to the man if he was with her ​​money from silver suggest to marry a woman beautiful, and if the silver and substance it is the mandate of the university with the money, and if the iron is the mandate of the force, and if zero is pleasures of this world, and if the beads are the mandate of the weakness and weakness. And necklaces for women Aútmanha money by her husband, and necklaces for a pregnant woman was born male. If the necklace broke the isolation of the governor. The necklace was born to married and single pair. But felt that he necklaces and decades is too weak to carry it too weak to work and the knowledge to do. [See the contract, see Almkhnqh].

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision necklace

The necklace, it devolves on the ways:

It is believed that the necklace in the neck, it shall state or assume the secretariat of the necklace as much as in the beauty and length, and if the types of jewels are set with the greatest state .

It felt: that it is a heavy necklace too weak to carry it the following mandate and weak to work and do it.

Necklace and a vision of where the sentence is a tradition or the Secretariat .

Necklace and a vision of women devolve on her husband saw whatever the Shin from Zain or it construed it .

If the necklace of silver without that accrue to it without the gold price and the best of what was said to have offered in preference to gold, and silver necklace was interpreted Bjarah Belle .

If the necklace of cheap metals Vtúl antagonism .

If the necklace of gems or stones, it devolves octagonal obtaining informed the Word of God Almighty and the more good science was informed and better .

If the necklace of gold, some of which they indicate the Hajj, and if all were of gold, they indicate the state .

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