Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



In a dream is haraam wealth Alraaf fall ill, if asked, often thin. If it is thick it is born has fallen, because the boy was suspended after the sperm.
It is believed that the nose bleed was thought that the nosebleed help him he fall ill, his boss good Atamol him and Ihno it, although it is thought that the nosebleed will harm him, it affects his boss better be not to him, and obtained after damage. If he is the president, he felt his body felt good as far as strength and weakness and excess of blood and I said, the one or two drops bleed the benefit of it. After the power went out, it lacks blood, because the weakness of poverty, and dispense it because the strong force, the man sang his clothes stained with his blood, it affects the money from that and hated iniquity, the Atltkh the owner did not come out of sin. Felt that the dripping nose bleeding in the way it leads the charity and zakat on the side of the road. And it was said of his nose felt Raafa won a great treasure and money. It was epistaxis good comes from your boss. It was epistaxis evidence of concern in terms of bile and do not count. If the seer finds its comfort Vraaffh evidence of the cladding and fame. And it was said that the nosebleed injury treasure.

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