Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



In a dream indicates the integrity of the subcontractor, signed by or on what in remorse.
and saw that it was disarming his clothes appeared to him not an enemy openly hostility, but shows friendship and advice. But felt that he was naked in a forum, it Evtdh.
naked and saw that it was not his genitalia did not recognize the symptoms of Isth people exaggerate it in order and tired.
It felt embarrassed that he is naked and asks people lose the jacket and lacks. The people saw his genitalia to look at it Evtdh.
and perhaps Del nudity wife a divorce or death. It is stripped of his clothes, and was automatically isolate, but felt that the patient naked from a yellow dress indicated his recovery, as well as the red dress and black. It was said that nudity shows the innocence of the charge, and if a person felt that freeing naked, and if the deceased was seen naked private parts hidden is indicated by Tnamh giggled. It was felt that a naked Faraj solicitous about it. The nudity of worship for the people to increase their faith and well-being. The nakedness of man’s pilgrimage if in a vision saw good. And nudity shows nudity wearing the new clothes of the patient and they took him to hate it, it dies. The nakedness of woman parting her home.

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