Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a strange man in a dream, but a heavy generous spirit. It is said that money from the CD, it is hard to eat it received the money.
and perhaps indicated by the disappearance of pristine virginity.




. nuts

Is the money hoarded in a dream. I heard the rumble is a dispute and noise. And tree nuts man outlandish, scarce, indigestion moodiness, his money Nam.
is of the opinion that it is the coconut tree a huge outlandish man, it got out what is not between him and the owner on it. And that which fell and died, it kills off in a big man or a king, the broken tree perished that the big man. Might see that he died when he fell, it did not die survived, and if he sees that his hands and feet Anksrta then it oversees the destruction, and bestowed the scourge great, but he escapes from a distance.
and saw that it was cutting a tree nut killed a man Oagamaa, walnut fruit money does not come out but hard and tired, the nut can not be eaten until after the break. The rich do not go out except age. And if he sees that he picked up the nut orchard, it affects the money by a woman. If it Makecra Rizk, the walnut husks to eat it backbite a man scarce, the Ntherth by his wife, burned his clothes.
It felt that he plays it with walnuts engaged in haraam wealth. The nut is a righteous and presidents and the Muslim Brotherhood and the health of the body explains the nuts and the length of travel, though the seer of the women Valjos indicates longevity.Nuts and indicates the pair to reverse the letters nut pair, it is permissible to ten things. Broken nuts and money without fatigue.

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