Seeing The Revelation of God In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Revelation of God In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Revelation of God In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Revelation of God

Of Almighty God saw in his dreams of the faithful without, such as how or how what was in the news indicates that it says show him the same day of Resurrection, and he needs to succeed.

It saw him when he is standing and God always seen that this is delivered in person and be at the mercy of God, was the guilty should repent.

It felt: God speaking with him indicates that this person is dear to God when the verse, “and Qrbnah survived.”

It felt: that the word God from behind a screen indicating increased his wealth and his grace and power of religion and its secretariat.

It felt that God word is not from behind a screen indicating the occurrence of the letter was for religion to the verse, “and was for a human to speak to him God only alive, or from behind the veil” and this vision is invalid for the cessation of Revelation after the death of the Prophet peace be upon him.

It felt: he speaks with God from the veil, it is construed obtaining an imbalance in the religion of the verse, “It is not for human beings that God spoke to him,” verse.

It felt: that God is working in accordance with exhorting him to God be the satisfaction of the verse, “admonishes you, that ye may remember.”

It felt: that God ravenously good evidence that God is pleased with him.

It felt: that the skin with evil shows that God was angry so let him fear Allah and improves his or her actions.

It felt: it is based in the hands of God Almighty Nxa his head indicates that it is up to him unjust to the verse, “If criminals see as Nxua their heads with their Lord.” It was said of God gave him something in a dream, God brought hardship and suffering on his body in the world.

It felt: God and tell him of the saw is a need at one of the people and be spent on what is his vision.

It felt: that God came down on the ground, city or village, or hot and so indicates that the Almighty God grant victory to the people of that place and Azverhm on enemies, if there are drought indicates fertility, although there is a rich rose is fertilized and kicking her family settlement.

It felt: that God is able to light and described it shows that God called another name gets him the honor and greatness.

It felt that God told him to come near him on the shows.

It felt that God Almighty wrath of the people of the place shows that the judge of that place tends to eliminate and it unfair to the parish or his world is not religious, although the seer thief fell leg and indicates that the seer is guilty too, but fit the punishment and is located in that place scourge and sedition.

It felt: that God in the image of a man known evidence that this man is a great and compelling.

It felt that God says in the graves indicate the descent of mercy on those graves.

It felt: that the image of God is to worship them, it is betraying the Almighty God.

It felt: that blasphemes God Almighty be an infidel grace of God Almighty and indignant, and to spend his rule.

It felt: that God sitting on a bed or lying down or sleeping, or other things that do not fit right in most of Izz and indicates that the seer is disobeyed God and accompanied by the bad guys.

Said Jafar Sadiq may God be pleased with him: the vision of God in a dream interpreted seven ways: to get a blessing in this life and comfort in the Hereafter, security and comfort, light and guidance and the power of religion and amnesty and entry to heaven his generosity and show of justice and invincible darkness in that land and is difficult seer and honored and seen as a look of mercy.

Abu Hatim said: I asked Muhammad bin Sirin any vision of a healthier you? He said, to see how a person without a Creator or how.

It felt: God is embraced or accepts won something that demanded and received good work from what is desired.

It felt: it gave him something of worldly matters he fall ill, ill health.

It felt: that promise Bamofr or skin or other, the promise to be on the wisdom of the verse, “saying the truth.”

It felt: it flees from God, it is requested by the turn of worship and obedience, or aged, and his father that he’s alive or Aibq of his master, if his master.

It felt that God Almighty be insulted him, a heresy so let him fear Allah the Almighty says to “hear the word of God and then used to change it after they understood it” verse.

It felt: God is what we have to be a kind solely Association approved law, which is better anyway.

It felt: as if existing in the hands of God and God is seen, if he should beware of the righteous God of the verse, “The people on the Lord of the Worlds.”

It felt: as if God speaks from behind a screen, it improves his religion, although it is a trust performed, though a Sultan ordered him to do.

It felt that God Almighty forgive him or calculator did not inspect the status of At God in the resurrection as well.

It felt: that God was angry, it hampered his parents let him seek forgiveness for them, may fall from a high place of the verse, “and analyzes it was my anger Hui Dream Interpretation in Islam

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