Seeing The feces In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The feces In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The feces In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi feces

In a dream is money. It is shit, people view him should beware of scandal.
It is believed that the bread and eat it eat feces bread and honey, and was told Is the offense a year. And defecate on the bed he called his wife gets sick or a long illness.Feces and haraam wealth of ugliness smell. It is feared in the faeces occurred in them. It took place in the prison washroom. It is the same shit happened in sin. And exit of feces escape from sin, death, or weak.
and perhaps Del feces to travel, says {or one of you came from feces} . And feces indicates the need to spend, which indicates the disappearance of Internal Medicine, and demonstrates the ideas and obsessions and a refund of deposits. Feces and livelihood of obscene injustice.
It felt that many Gaúth wants to travel and not travel. And defecate on his clothes, he commits a sin, if it is in the open Faraj who they are or eliminate debt. The defecation in the dustbin is a good sign and go carefree. Blotchiness and faeces illness or fear.The defecation in wild bird or beast Valtqt Gaúth the ground and was traveling thieves cut off the road and he went with his money.
It is considered that shit like worms and snakes dependents she can show him the enmity of them. [See Event].

meanings by Al ahsaai

See feces

It felt that he left the faeces of it on two sides of the fear of authority and a fine for the traveler cut the road and saw that it was the latest in place of an event he spends his money in his desire even if the position is unknown spent money haram and that the latest in clothes made obscene or on the bed, very sick, or perhaps a difference his wife or in the position and concealed with soil it is buried money is of the opinion that he eats Gaúta it affects the money prohibited and may speak words of obscenity regret it and everything comes out of the stomachs of men and beasts and Alerwat it money but what is eaten meat Vroth money old and what is not eaten Vroth haraam wealth is of the opinion that defecation, the animal was among those who recommended it to him children born horses Mantha what was indicated by the girl and what was indicated by reminding the child is of the opinion that he sat on the dung, it affects the money from his relatives and was probably on the legacy Dream Interpretation in Islam


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